Dental Implants in Basking Ridge, NJ

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place, or to provide support for a denture. A dental implant is a small “anchor” made of titanium.  It is inserted into the jawbone to take the place of your missing tooth root.  When the surrounding bone has attached to the implant, a replacement tooth is secured to the top of the implant.  Dental implants look, feel and function like your own natural teeth.

Dental implants are the solution for most people with missing or damaged teeth.  Implants restore smiles and prevent bone loss that typically accompanies dentures. When teeth are missing, the surrounding bone begins to shrink.  This bone loss can make your jawline recede.  Dental implants can help prevent this deterioration of the jawbone and can also help your face to retain its natural shape.

elderly couple smiling outdoors